” I struggled with tendonitis in my elbows for the better part of 2 years trying everything I could to get rid of the problem. This was extremely frustrating as I love to shoot my bow but that was difficult given this issue. Started taking CBD last June and since then my issue slowly disappeared and now I am shooting my bow almost everyday doing pull ups and arm exercises I couldn’t do previously without pain. I recommend this to anyone who is struggling with this. Don’t plan for overnight healing, but plan to be better in the long run!”  – Kevin


” I recently broke my wrist. The intense relief roll-on cbd became my go-to choice from the pain while my wrist healed. It has become my favorite cbd product ever! ❤️” – S.


” Absolutely love the full spectrum soft gel pills. I played sports growing up & have been in the package delivery service for more than 15 years. I average between 5-9 miles walked a day & get in & out of my truck 200 + times a day which was resulting in a lot of joint pain & inflammation. Once I got the cbd in my system, the pain has almost gone completely. Do yourself a favor & try it. You won’t be disappointed! “ – DJ


” I bought the broad spectrum mint tincture to help with my knees and shoulders from bring so sore from the mountains and CrossFit, I’ve noticed a huge benefit from it and am looking to enroll in the subscription. Thanks a ton for all you guys do, always looking forward to your podcast or a gritty film. “ – Kody


” I love the effects the CBD mint tincture has on my body. I have taken it for 5 months now and I don’t think I could turn back.” – A


” I do tile work and the CBD has made a substantial difference in my overall inflammation and recovery.” – J


” I’ve tried other CBD products from many manufacturers and I will be sticking with StHealthy Nutrition. I love the mint drops in the evening and the roll on works exactly as I need it to when I’m sore from shooting reps and load hauling. I’d highly recommend these products to anyone that will listen! Thanks for helping me feel great! “ –  Jonathan


” I took your Full spectrum CBD soft jells on a 13 night backcountry backpack Elk hunt in Colorado last year. Even after grueling days of hiking my joints felt like they did on day one. I couldn’t recommend this product more. “ – Paul


” StHealthy Nutrition CBD oil saved my feet! I’ve had chronic pain in my feet for a number of years and have been using your oil for a few months. I noticed an improvement with the inflammation within the first two months. The past few weeks, I’ve had very little pain. Not to mention, my stress levels have reduced and I’m falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. I researched several options and it seemed StHealthy Nutrition oil was of highest quality. Thank you for this incredible product and for all the content you put out!”  – Lane


” I have been using the cbd line for over a year. I started using it for my mtn goat hunt in Colorado and I truly believe that this product was a game changer for my 12 day back country trip.” – MB


” My husband heard about your product from a podcast and purchased. After just a couple days of using the tincture, I have never slept better in my life! ” – J


“Great products and makes me feel good to support such amazing people, keep up the good work.” – M


” I had been taking another companies CBD products for general health but also to help with sleep. I hadn’t noticed much of a benefit after taking the product for over a month. After switching to sthealthy CBD softgels, it was very apparent that the product was of higher quality. My sleep patterns have improved and I believe the full spectrum version of CBD has had a greater impact on my health.” – D


” I don’t take the drops all the time just when the body is beat up. Sleep like a baby! “ – K


” I started taking this for pain and it change my life!” – H

“I have terrible knees, as in they have needed replacement for years( but I’m too young to receive replacement and can’t afford it) and using the cbd softgels daily I truly noticed a difference in pain relief and reduction in inflammation. My hunting season was absolutely saved and extended by using the product. I have used other cbd in the past and had some relief, but I’m convinced that this cbd had more of an effect.”- K